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Would you rather settle for customer satisfaction


Experience customer elation?

Is that really a choice? Not if you want to stand out.

Customer success is imperative to your business success. In SaaS, keeping your customer the center of your business decisions leads to loyalty, retention, and profitable relationships. Burn the churn. It’s not only what we’re talking about…

It’s what we’re doing!

Make your customers raving fans

Best review of Beth Power of The Customer Initiative, customer success consulting and Saas services.

What others are saying

Beth is an exemplary customer success leader. She defined touchpoint models for implementation and account management that drove adoption across a highly diverse customer base. Then she built a team with the skill set to effectively deliver the experience she defined. Her natural empathy for the customer shines through in every interaction and is second to none. Beth's positive energy and ability to execute a well thought out plan transformed the way our company engages its customers.

-Andy P. VP Customer Success

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Customer Success Strategy definition for startups and established B2B SaaS companies.

· Organizational Change Management

· Metrics and Measurement

· Customer Success Roadmapping

· CS Organizational design and roadmapping

· Customer Success Maturity Assessments / Readiness Assessments


Customer Success Expertise

  • How to measure it

  • How to Implement it

  • How to drive it

  • How to Scale it

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Process design and implementation for your Customer Success strategy.

· Customer Journey Mapping

· Playbook definition

· Customer Segmentation

· Root Cause Analysis for Churn and Adoption Impediments

Beth’s ability to understand the ideal customer journey and align it with proper engagement, tools, and processes is outstanding! She provided us a roadmap for our total Customer Experience that scales as our company grows and as our customers mature.
— Kariz M., Founder & CEO

Success Rarely Happens By Accident

You have to plan for it

If you have ever wanted to work with someone who is smart, professional and so much fun, Beth should be your top pick! I have worked for and with her on several projects and it is always a fun and productive experience. She is a great leader.
— Lesley B., Founder
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Invest in your career success with personal coaching.

· Your personal Customer Success career begins with Mentoring, whether you're a new leader, Customer Success Manager, or looking to break in to the field.

Beth’s ability to understand the business’ needs and to serve as a mentor and leader to the team proved invaluable in the success of the project.
— Troy S., VP
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proven results…

Beth was always able to keep sight of the bigger picture and keep [executives] well beyond her years on track and within scope. She always conducted herself professionally and was a great asset to the department.

-Steven M., CTO